Wedding Ring Designs

The wedding ring is a lifetime gift that is a souvenir of the unmatchable love between a husband and wife. A Wedding Ring Designs represents the level of commitment and love between the couple and it should be elegant, beautiful and the ring should be precious enough to show the worth of this pure relationship. Most of the ring designs are preferred to be made in pure gold and with diamond and other precious stones. Gold wedding rings are the best as a gift on wedding night to the bride. Groom mostly wear a simple pure gold ring but the bridal wedding ring have a vast variety of Wedding Ring Designs.

In this article I shall discuss some of the best Wedding Ring Designs as per current fashion, trend and the ones that will go with the moment.

Gender Neutral Rings:

The most preferred ring design is a gender neutral ring design/ they are not made in female specific sleek designs or elegant artistry involved. These rings are simple and usually made in gold, white gold or silver. The dainty rings are still popular as engagement rings but now women prefer to wear bold and chunky Wedding Ring Designs. Such designs express the sign of money and men prefer the simpler but elegant and expensive version of wedding rings and mostly these are the gender neutral rings.

Gender Neutral Rings
Colored Gem in Ring​

Colored Gem in Ring:

Gemstones always add a glitter to the ring and other jewelry. Topaz, Turquoise, Ruby, Zerk, Sapphire and others come in different shapes and designs where cutting of the stone brings value to it and the jewelry especially the rings. Ring designs are enhanced with a precious gemstone in them and the ones which are aesthetically adjusted and added to the ring gives a whole new feel to the bride and groom. For brides the color of the stone in the wedding ring can be a match with her wedding dress color.


The elegant impact of a vintage ring is unmatchable. Couples who prefer antiqueness in their wedding event and the old school tradition must have the vintage nostalgic Wedding Ring Designs to make it happen. As wearing ring is one of the most important part in the wedding hence the ring itself needs to be carefully designed perfectly as per the moment and wedding theme. Vintage style also adds sentimental value to engagement and wedding rings. Under the vintage designs comes the cushion cuts which are also trending back again as to-be-brides now are preferring the old traditions and to keep it elegant and emotionally attached to family legacy or another associated event.

Coutoured Stack

Coutoured Stack:

This Wedding Ring Designs offers the customer different shaped and combos to stack set and highlight the existing piece. They highlight the center gem and the actual designing by stacked set. It is thus a mix, match and stack specifically designed for perfect fingers.

Oval Shaped Diamonds:

Oval-shaped diamonds are in the fashion and expected to boom by this year’s end. Zimmerman states that an oval shaped diamond will enhance the natural beauty of fingers by lengthening them and draws attention to the hand. This oval shaped diamond will be the most prominent part in the Wedding Ring Designs and keep the hand decorated the entire wedding. It is also the choice of the stunning celebrities in their wedding like Lana Condor’s debut with her rocket oval set this year in January.

Oval Shaped Diamonds
Big Cuts

Big Cuts:

This year it shall be a rising trend in the big ring designs where bold shaped, large diamonds, bigger ring and halo cuts are uniquely trending among the customers. Big cuts in gem stones added to gold or white gold rings where the body of ring is thin but the stone is exposed is somewhat similar to oval shaped but different in design details.

Diamond Designs:

As diamond ring design is a women’s best friend and their presence in wedding ring design is a must. Spending more money to have hidden diamonds is an art for the opulent elite class. The hidden accents paired with styles are not effected by time and the design lives like forever. Having a personalized touch triggers the cravings to the couples to have it on their blessed night.

Diamond Designs

Black Ice:

A unique element for couples in opting one of a kind Wedding Ring Designs. The black stones in embedded in white gold ring give a slashing look to the bride when the wedding theme is white. Black diamond is a choice that’s opulent, precious and beautiful in the hands of a bride. It is also portrayed in movies with celebrity endorsement where black diamond is worn to show its importance in the hands of a women. But we predict this design not to be popular in the coming season due to trend shift.

We hope that you have gained some useful information after reading our article. We invite you to read our next article What Are The Best Designs Of Diamond Jewelry?