Jewelry Wearing Tips

Wearing jewelry is an etiquette. Both men & women tend to wear jewelry on different occasion or it becomes a permanent part of the dressing. Most of the jewelry users prefer to use one item with different dresses. Party wear jewelry can be different as per the event for example the wedding jewelry is different than wearing jewelry on parties. The variations may contain different designs, different wearing styles and color matching.

This article emphasizes on some jewelry wearing tips that will add gimmick and build a sense of matching perfect jewelry with the moment.

Everyday Jewelry

Versatile jewelry or casual wear goes with the normal routine. Wrist bands, bracelets & bangles with light jewels are preferred by teenage girls, boys & casual people. The wedding band for married couples and the gender neutral wedding rings are also a part of everyday jewelry. It obviously doesn’t makes sense to wear heavy necklace, gold bangles and big tops or earrings as every day jewelry. But in Asian countries and third world countries where jewelry is a part of culture and rituals, women are proud to wear heavy jewelry.

Everyday Jewelry
Formal Wear

Formal Wear

Corporate ladies tend to wear decent and light weight designs with their corporate dressing. Formal jewelry is used in offices and business meetings where ladies should pick the jewelry items that look subtle and simply elegant. Instead of a necklace they wear a beautiful gold locket or a slim chain with small gem pendant in light color. They can also wear ear tops that will look beautiful with their corporate dressing and bring out the professional look. Office Jewelry must not be distracting or too much eye catching for colleagues or clients.

How much jewelry is acceptable?

In current times if we look to the situation of the world, people have started saving a lot rather than spending on luxuries like expensive jewelry items. A big shift in wearing jewelry trend is being observed where women have switched to light weight jewelry and stopped wearing heavy jewelry. The rising street crime rate in Pakistan has also pushed the customer not to wear jewelry casually or daily. They mostly wear artificial jewelry to protect their precious items.

Now ladies have started submitting their jewelry to lockers or molding the family owned heavy jewelry in to lighter and slim locket and small tops. But in parties and weddings it is still a practice of wearing heavy gold jewelry and it is appreciable and a trend to do so.

Other Tips to Wear Jewelry:

Regardless to the fact that jewelry is mostly used on occasion or a setting it is also to be known that overall wearing jewelry requires a sense of elegance and classic selection of design. These are a few general jewelry wearing tips to preserve the existing beauty and adding the elegant vibe in your personality.


Suppose you have chosen a necklace set and now you wish to add a layer of necklace. Now you should think of adding the mix and match element carefully adding the layer in perfect resonance with the one you are wearing. Make a set in a meaningful way where it can have a story behind it or association to your life’s important event. But you must know how to add layers elegantly.

Metal Mix

Here comes the part of less expensive and cost saving option for teenage groups specifically. Brass, silver or alloy made jewelry items can be mixed in a funky yet creative way to enhance your appealing look and make you attractive enough for grabbing your peer attention. Wear a metal mix during parties but do not become a hippy as that culture died out long ago. You should embrace the modern times and always mix match the metal made jewelry where color theme must go with dressing and your skin tone.

Earrings Switch!

Don’t ignore the idea of different earrings for the whole week as a part of jewelry wearing. Gold earrings set with different color gem but same design can add that switching element. Also the earrings can be switched on weekly basis as well. You can add new earrings to your jewelry box once you have savings and use them to bring variety.

Clothing Match

Matching jewelry with clothing is one of the best jewelry wearing tips. Clothing is the most part that covers your body and the rest require jewelry which is obviously the luxury or beautified added part. Matching the jewelry color with the dress or wearing color that is in contrast with the clothes which are light colored is a good technique.

Final Thoughts:

Wearing Jewelry doesn’t requires a skillset or specific mindset, but at least one must have a basic idea and sense of fashion where matching jewelry sets, designs and other attributes with clothing and your body type, skin tone are the necessary elements one needs to consider.