Gold Jewelry In Pakistan

In the current times investing in luxury items is considered an unwise decision. Pakistan’s economy has crippled down and the situation is worsening every day. Jewelry Investment is an options where not only a person can use gold jewelry as a fashionable practice but also as a long term investment. Gold Jewelry in Pakistan is a luxury item which brings out the graceful you in your personality and makes you feel valuable. Since its discovery, Gold is the most commonly valued metal.

Coins, bars and bricks are used as currency and asset in which people can save billions of worth currencies. Gold has a tendency of ever-rising price in Pakistan. Gold has a tendency of ever-rising price in Pakistan. The gold price has never dropped down in history to such an extent. Currently Gold is priced at PKR 121781/- per ten grams. It is expected to rise in next month. If someone buys Gold Jewelry in Pakistan today he or she can gain the benefit of current price before it gets expensive.

Gold Jewelry in Pakistan

Pakistan is culturally historic country. Gold jewelry is a part of our culture ever since. Pakistani ladies prefer having gold jewelry and wearing it on marriage functions parties and other occasions like Eid celebration. The passion for gold jewelry has never ended in Pakistani women and girls. Moreover gold jewelry is also considered an investment by many families. Many orthodox families have a trend of gifting heavy gold jewelry to their daughters and daughters in law on their weddings. Gold Jewelry is considered a valuable asset and a part of our culture with diamonds and other gems. It is a social status symbol to have Gold Jewelry in Pakistan.

Historic value

Gold not only gold has its own original value but when it is old in its original form, it has a historic value too. For example the jewelry set that runs in families for generations has its own historic value added to the original gold price. Similarly the gold treasures recovered from pirate ships at the bays are unmatchable in their worth for being centuries old. Gold jewelry has been a part of subcontinent’s culture ever since its inception thousands of years ago.

Furthermore, Gold Jewelry in Pakistan is also considered an aesthetically designed artifact. Mostly, jewelry exhibition by Pakistan’s top jewelers are organized in top venues and  upper class visits them. The jewelry stores, jewelry brands and sole jewelers are still in business as the upper class in Pakistan still has the buying power and can easily afford the gold jewelry.

Most Common Jewelry Items in Pakistan

It is difficult to say that a particular jewelry piece is preferred in Pakistan. We can observe that every category in jewelry can be seen in ladies in Pakistan. Gold Jewelry in Pakistan ranges from gold earrings, lockets, bangles, bracelets, Necklace, rings and anklets. Mostly the teenage girls are seen wearing light weight gold lockets and slim rings. They also prefer to wear white gold at parties. Married women mostly wear medium weight gold in the form of necklace and bracelets. Gold rings and earrings are common in every age group. These sets are also bought for special occasions in which mostly the necklace, ring and earrings or tops are of same design with same stones.

Gold Jewelry a Luxury

Gold Jewelry is evidently a luxury item. Opulence is gold’s attribute and a common man cannot afford it anymore. Hence, the market of gold is limited to the upper class. Gold Jewelry in Pakistan is also gifted as a premium item to the loved ones in our culture. But it is important to choose the right design, the right brand and right jewelry item.

Where to Buy Gold Jewelry in Pakistan

Pakistan is among those countries that have top of the line gold jewelers in the world. Pakistan’s jewelry designs are internationally recognized and liked by women all over the world. Our jewelers craft the gold jewelry mostly by hand from the professional goldsmith known as ‘Sunyara’ in Urdu. Gold jewelers are skilled professional who can mold the soft gold along with mixing of hard metal to make the desired design for the customer. It is vitally important for gold merchants, gold jewelers, gold smith and other people in gold business to be honest and transparent.

Otherwise they may lose credibility and trust of the customer as gold is an expensive investment and purchase. In Pakistan many established brands of jewelers are working for decades. Abid Jewellers is one of the legendary names in gold and diamond jewelry in Lahore, Pakistan. They offer uniquely designed and carefully crafted handmade and other gold jewelry to the customer with unique & trendy designs. They also have the customization option available for the customer. So if you require high quality and fashionable jewelry in Pakistan, Abid Jewellers is the name you can trust.

Trend of Buying Gold Jewelry

The trend of owning Gold Jewelry in Pakistan is declining due to increasing price of gold and falling economic situation. Currently gold is highly priced and has gone out of the reach of the laymen. This is purely because of the unstable economic situation of Pakistan since last 6 to 7 years. Gold pricing is done by the government and the gold merchant associations that operate provincially. In Punjab and Sindh, the pricing affects the gold price in other cities and provinces too.

What To Do Next?

You can buy Gold Jewelry in Pakistan if you have sufficient money and save it for future as an investment option. This will enable you to save money and convert it into actually back up medium as all paper currency is backed up by gold. But you need to be careful of the fact that gold jewelry can be fabricated or mixed and you can be scammed too.

Abid Jewelers is currently running a campaign to educate the customer about the originality of the gold and checking it.