Designs of Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Jewelry is a luxury product specifically designed for elegance lovers. Ladies who wish to become the life of the party and look ravishing prefer diamond jewelry along with dressing that matches their elegance. Diamond Jewellery needs to be well-crafted and the best Designs of Diamond Jewelry shall be selected. Diamond being a luxury item is a one-time purchase and then it becomes a lifetime asset of the owner. In Pakistan families also inherit diamond and gold jewelry and it runs in generations.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This quote defines a girl’s top preference and dream in jewelry. When it comes to jewelry it contains the basic elements of rings, earrings, necklace and wrist wear. In Pakistan the jewelry market shifts rapidly and the demand is vibrant in nature due to the cultural shift and seasonal changes. The diamond and gold jewelry purchase is still preferred to be bought in stores. This is because of the fact that gold and diamond can only be checked while being in the store.

An important question is that Designs of Diamond Jewelry and their prices are a big concern for customers. Since, market is full of many designs and prices where choosing the right diamond jewelry requires knowledge and experience. In this article some of the most trending and best designs will be discussed along with the jewelry prices.

Original Diamond Ring Price in Pakistan:

Diamond rings are mostly preferred on weddings for the bride in Pakistan and other countries as well. But the design may vary where Pakistani brides prefer to wear classic traditional domestic designs mostly that have local handicraft designs in a sleek manner. Other modern designs include straight edged designs with multiple small diamonds in series over them. These rings are both preferred in silver and gold as well. The originality of diamond is measured by Karats. Normally 1 karat finished diamond is considered the best. The original diamond ring price in Pakistan starts from 35000 PKR and up to even millions. Normally they are between 55000 PKR to 125000 PKR.

Diamond rings

Diamond Set Price in Pakistan:

Diamond set

Diamond set includes the ring, necklace, earrings, nose pin and wrist wear. Sometimes it can be modified as per customer’s need where items can be added or removed. European diamond sets are the most popular ones in Pakistan as per current trend. Designs of Diamond Jewelry include the size of diamonds, shape and how the number of diamonds in specific jewelry. In silver and metallic designs the Diamond set price in Pakistan start from 63,000 PKR and goes up to 238,000 PKR. The price of diamond set can also increase or decrease based upon the design, brand and the level of originality.

Diamond Necklace Price in Pakistan:

The original diamond necklace price varies as per karats, weight and overall number of diamonds in a necklace. Starting from 35,000 PKR with 14 Karat diamond, the price of Diamond Necklace in Pakistan goes beyond 300,000 PKR. Then it also depends upon the customer’s budget and demand that whether they are price conscious or quality and style driven. The finish of these necklaces can be gold, white gold, yellow gold and brass as well. Also, silver gives a fine touch to a necklace as well. Necklace bring elegance to a lady’s fashionable look. Light chain diamond necklace can be a best birthday gift to a teenage girl. Diamond Necklace Price in Pakistan also depends upon the brand of jewelry 

Light chain diamond necklace

Best Designs if Diamond Jewelry:

diamond rings

Diamond Jewelry has no limit to designing as jewelry is what refines a person’s fashion and beauty. Diamond Jewelry designs have a variety that is beyond the count. In Pakistan the diamond jewelry is having a high demand in the upper class by most of the jewelry lovers. Even men like to wear diamond rings and other jewelry. Some of the best designs are Pelledium, Fantastica, Gold Finished 14K, Silver Finished 14k and Light touch diamond set.

Abid Jewellers Best Jewelry Designs:

Abid Jewellers is a brand of legacy. It brings cutting-edge Designs of Diamond Jewelry and has facility to customize the diamond jewelry as per customer’s demand. For best jewelry designs of Abid Jewellers you can visit their website They have a variety of diamond Jewelry designs including diamond sets, rings, necklace sets, earrings and other jewelry.

Jewelry Designs