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About Us

About Us


Where It All Began

Abid Jewelers is a name that has a deep-rooted history behind its brand name. A reliable and quality-driven name that made its mark in Jewelry of Gold & Diamond, Abid Jewellers, was founded in 2021 with a vision and success story that goes back to 1983. Mr. Abid Zubairi, the founder and core person behind the jewellery business, is one of the most renowned whole sellers. He established a world-class clientele by establishing successful business relationships with Pakistan’s top jewellers. His main motive behind the name ‘Abid Jewelers’ is based on two core ideas:

  1. Bringing the best market competitive pricing through the concept of wholesale pricing into the first-of-its-kind retail setup in Lahore’s prime location (MM Alam Road).
  2. Bringing customer awareness towards the authenticity of Gold & Diamond through the ‘Customer Awareness Program.’ (See Customer Awareness Program)

Abid Jewelers specializes in ‘Bridal Jewelry’ that is processed with cutting edge technology bringing in precision and style along with the 100% purity of Gold and Diamond, which adds premium value to the customer’s lives and, most importantly, it is an unmatchable moment builder on their wedding day.

Why Choose Us:

Honesty & Transparency:

Abid Jewelers is founded on the vision to provide the customer with full responsibility for the jewellery’s material (Gold & Diamond) being 100% original and authentic. In fact, Mr. Abid Zubairi has always served his clients well due to which his long-term credibility is a core strength for Abid Jewellers.


Abid Jewelers is a reliable jewellery brand. We are motivated towards full customer satisfaction while dealing and bringing the best to the customer. Our long-term clients are satisfied and stationed worldwide.

Additional Services:

Our customers can bring in old jewellery and we purchase it on the ‘Net weight’ of Gold and the ‘Current Price’ basis. This is to ensure the maximum benefit to the customer. Moreover, Customers can also exchange old jewellery with our latest designs. (Please view our Gold and Diamond policy).

We offer 100% money-back guarantee after 01 year on diamond jewellery.

Our Mission:

Our long-term goal is to achieve the market leader status by bringing the best designs and 100% authentic Gold & Diamond jewellery to the customers, along with full customization and flexible exchange options. We intend to bring the best bridal jewellery designs with elegance, style, and premium value to our customers’ lives. Abid Jewelers is committed to serving the jewellery market by being the available, dependable, and trustworthy brand for customers in all niches.

Our Vision

To become the best jewellery retail and wholesale brand by offering customers the best price and authentic Gold & Diamond jewellery. We envision authenticity, credibility, and conformity in the Gold & Diamond jewellery Business with unmatchable trends, styles, and values.