Men Gold Chain

Gold is a symbol of success, luxury & belonging. It is considered as a standard monetary policy for the currency globally. Since its discovery gold has been the basic status symbol of richness. Both men & women value gold and use it in jewelry items. Mostly, gold is common in jewelry and preferred in the same way.

Gold Jewelry for men is a rising trend in many cultures. Prominently, Men wear rings, chains, necklace and bracelets of Gold.  In this article I shall talk about Men Gold Chain designs & trends of this year.

Gold chains have come back in style in men’s jewelry since last decade. Previously, it was considered odd for men to wear gold. Mainly, from 2006 and onwards the trend in Men Gold jewelry rose. Gold Chain was a popular jewelry item in deviant fashion ever since.

In 2018, the style shifted back to Gold Chains in men’s jewelry. Now Gold Chain necklaces are considered as the most versatile jewelry item in men’s jewelry. Mostly, men’s gold jewelry has been outdated and the styles have changed a lot. For example, medallions in a slim gold chain were used in the 1960s and 1970s. The Men Gold Chain had a major turning point in fashion in 2020. Ultimately, it landed on the personification, individual style and self-expression in Men’s Chain and lockets.

How To Create Trends in The Men Gold Chain?

Basically, there are six trends in Men’s jewelry in the gold chain this year. It is observed that this trend will rise in the near future.

Cuban Link Chain

One of the most popular gold chain is Cuban link chain. Miami Cuban Link Chain is a curb type link chain that is flat, twisted & interlocking. Cuban Link chain is preferred by celebrities mainly form New York and Los Angeles in 2010. Cuban Men Gold Chain is popular because of its masculine design. It is durable, gives a heavy look and most of all it is an everlasting design.

Commonly, it is observed that rappers, singers and other celebrities prefer Pure Gold Cuban Link Chain. If you wish to wear a fashion statement, then an iced-out Cuban chain with embedded diamonds is the best choice.

Cuban Link Chain
Curb Link Chain

Curb Link Chain

Curb Link Chain is also known as Figaro chain which is very popular. Due to its versatility and durability Curb Link Chain is mostly preferred in rugged men. Pertinent to this, Curb Men Gold Chain designs also include diamond links and gold pendants. These links are soldered which increases the durability of the chain.

Figaro Chain

Generally, Figaro chain is considered gender neutral but since the last 5 years it has been limited to men’s jewelry only.  Being a best fit on both T-shirts and formal wear, Figaro chain is masculine in style and flawlessly beautiful. Purposefully, it is thick and has elegance along with a minimalist look. Figaro chain also comes in a thin style for slim men but it is durable both ways. Men take it as a sign of strength and vigor. Pendants go best with Figaro Men Gold Chain along with being resistant to pulls and tugging.

Figaro Chain
Franco Chain

Franco Chain

Another sub-type of curb chain is Franco Chain. It is a pure Italian version of gold chain for men. Likewise, it is similar to Cuban Link Chain but it has extra four sides. Hence, it is more stiff and compact. Mostly, it is preferred in neck choke design but men prefer it to be a little long. V-shaped Franco chain is common among the Italian families as well as other reputable men. Uniquely, Franco chain has tightly woven links in chevron shape that makes it durable and strong.

Simultaneously, Franco chain and its sub-version Foxtail Chain can be used in two ways as reversible chain. The Franco Men Gold Chain in Franco style is made of pure gold layering. Thus, layered Franco Chains provide a gangster look and brings out masculinity.

Rope Chain

In the 1980s the rappers used rope gold chains as a fashion symbol and were considered gender neutral. Rope Chain looks best with the pendant. White Gold Rope Chain is best for a modernist design. One can also opt the Rose Gold Chain for a different look. As stated earlier, Rope chains were popular with rappers where hip-hop musicians preferred wearing them. Today Rope chains are back in style.

Gold Pendants look great with Rope Chains. The Men Gold Chain in Rope style is expensive and is an icon towards rebellion and freedom.

Rope Link Chain

Cable Chain

Cable link Chain is the gold chain which is preferred as gender neutral to date. An ancient design, Cable Chain is strongest of all Gold Chains in its original form. Various styles of Cable Chains are considered extremely strong and their link pattern is trendy. Cable chain looks best with lobster clasp and small pendants.

Layering gold chain necklaces is highly supported by a gold cable chain. Small diamonds embedded on chain links is a unique style to wear in parties.

Selecting a Men Gold Chain also requires the following point to be noted:

          Selecting the right metal

          Selecting the right pendants

          Selecting the right length of chain

          Selecting the right thickness

After having knowledge about these points, one can select his best-suited Gold Chain and look fashionable.