Bridal Jewelry Set

Marriage is considered to be the most important day in an Eastern woman’s life. This day is made beautiful with adding colors and opulence. Bride must look beautiful and decorated to the maximum as this day comes once in her life. Preparations are done months for a single marriage and bride’s dowry is prepared. Her Bridal Jewelry Set and dress are the two most important things to make the wedding special. A Pakistani bride must be filled up with pure Gold & Diamond jewelry to have acceptance in her in-laws.

Bridal Jewelry Set in a Pakistani wedding is the top priority while dressing up the bride. It needs to cover up every exposed part of the bride. Prominently, her ‘Maangtika’, Earrings, Necklace, Bangles & Pazaib are the part of the jewelry. Hence, covering the bride from head to toe in pure gold complements her beauty at night. Jewelry Set will add up to the bridal dress and overall personality of the bride.

In this article, we shall discuss what to be included in a Bridal Jewelry Set:

Tiara, A Bride’s Forehead Jewel

Substantially, in Indian culture, Tiara or Maangtika is an adornment of the bride’s forehead. Mostly, made of pure gold it has jewels that match with the bride’s dress. Usually, for bridal wear Maangtika is preferred with a long string. Now it’s a trend to wear tiara-like crowns.

Hair Bands, Where The Beauty Lands

Recently, a rising trend is observed in the use of hair bands made of gold or diamonds with bridal dress. Being a fashion statement, hair accessories cohere with the bride’s persona. If the bride’s dress is filled with diamonds, then hair bands must have diamonds too. Bridal Jewelry Set needs to have hair bands that can be covered under the ‘dupatta’ to hold the hair.

Nose Ring, My Bride Looks Shy Wearing It!

A Pakistani bride’s shyness and appeal is doubled when she wears a gold or a diamond nose ring. Traditionally, it is a part of bride jewelry and Nose Rings can be small or big. Typically, the nose ring is hooked to a chain that goes from one side back in the hair. In Urdu or Hindi it is called ‘Nath’. With the changing trends, Nose Rings are now becoming obsolete and changing style. Considerably Nose Ring is the most exposed jewelry on a bride’s face.

Necklace, Beauty is Filled

As per versatility Necklace in a Bridal Jewelry Set is the most expensive and important piece. Necklace for a bride is selected as per her neckline and bridal dress color match. Fashion experts suggest that a bridal necklace should be long with a deep neck. Choker necklace suits a slim bride best. Different designs of bridal necklace are available and have their own worth. It can be customized as per bride’s choice as well.

Earrings, Dangling and Dashing

Another important part of jewelry is earrings. The earrings set can be small and delicate if the bridal dress is light. But they can be dangling and large if it is a traditional wedding dress with heavy craft work. Gold earrings are nowadays in trend which cover the whole ear as a part of Bridal Jewelry Set.

Bangles, Arms Covered in Gold

Covering a bride’s hands is considered sacred in Pakistani culture. Bangles are the most important part of a bride’s jewelry with being stylish too. Variety of bangles are available in jewelry stores in Gold with diamonds and other gems embedded in them. Mostly a set of four to six bangles in each arm is considered beautiful. Studded gemstones & pearls in 2 bangles along with simple ones is also trending.

Ring, Will You Be My Bride?

Here comes the evergreen part of bridal jewelry. Ring is valuable and mostly has the most precious stone in the entire Bridal Jewelry Set. Gold rings with diamonds in different styles have been the top favorite jewelry article since decades. Finger Rings are available in different colors, designs and gemstones.

Anklets, Her Feet Looks Ravishing

Commonly known as pazaib, Anklets sound like bells when a bride walks. Anklets cover the bride’s feet and beautify them. Lovely feet with lovely anklets are what completes the Bridal Jewelry.

Other Items

Additionally, other jewelry items can be added to increase the beauty and feel of the moment. Brides can also wear waistbands, Toe Rings and Ring Bracelets.

While selecting bridal jewelry it’s important that all pieces in the Bridal Jewelry Set match and pair with each other. Also, the bride’s attire, her figure and looks also matter in selecting the right bridal jewelry. Budget might be a constraint so choosing the right jewelry is important for this precious occasion in life.