Jewelry Maintenance

Jewelry is a prized property; thus, it has to be maintained to last a lifetime. We’ll review the dos and don’ts of Jewelry Maintenance in this post so you can take the most excellent care of your priceless items.


Clean Frequently: Keeping your jewelry clean helps keep it appearing new and sparkly. You can use a soft cloth, warm, soapy water, or a special cleaner to clean your jewelry.

Keep it Safe: Keeping your jewelry safe when it’s not worn is crucial. Store it in a jewelry box, a purse, or a soft cloth wrapped over it. Doing this may prevent your jewellery from becoming twisted, scraped, or harmed.

Get Frequent Check-Ups: Jewelry should be periodically examined for any damage, such as loose prongs or clasps that are worn out. By doing this, you can be confident that your jewelry is safe, secure, and shielded from additional harm.

Handle with Care: Take good care of your valuables. Always take it off before exercising, whether playing sports, swimming, or showering.

Keep it Safe Place: Jewelry should be kept in a secure place. Keep your jewelry in a safe place while you are traveling, such as a safety deposit box.


Prevent Chemicals: Chemicals like hairspray, perfume, lotion, and cleaning supplies should be avoided around jewelry. The metal or gemstones in your jewelry may become harmed by these substances

Don’t Wear While Bathing: Jewelry should not be worn when bathing, swimming in a pool, or otherwise being in the water. Metal or gemstones may become harmed by water.

Don’t Wear to Bed: Jewelry is inappropriate for wear in bed. When you sleep, it may become tangled or suffer harm.

Don’t Use Abrasive Cleaning Products: Employ abrasive cleaning products sparingly: Do not damage your jewelry using abrasive cleaning products. The metal or gemstones may become scratched or damaged as a result.

Don’t Over-lean: Avoid over-cleaning your jewelry since doing so might harm the metal or jewels. Just clean your jewelry as needed.


Finally, although it takes some work, caring after your jewelry is worthwhile. You can preserve your jewelry’s beauty and safety for many years by adhering to the dos and don’ts of Jewelry Maintenance.

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